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    Garage Door Service Monroe suggests you go to their online image gallery
    so you will be able to browse their vast selection of commercial, residential, agricultural
    and industrial garage door options and accessories. While there,you will
    be able to choose the many window and door styles, colors, models and patterns that we offer.
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    Getting a brand new garage door represents a massive decision since you will in all
    probability spend a ton of cash on it and it will probably last for many years.
    You wish to make certain that you will get something you won't regret later and you would
    like the perfect garage door. Monroe Garage Doors offer you their services. You will be able to select from our
    wide selection of choices, and if you do not find the perfect door, you can
    design your garage door by making the necessary selections on window and door styles,
    models, dimensions, model patterns, accessories, hardware and colors.
  • Monroe Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Call our consultants at Monroe Garage Doors and they will be in a position to repair
    your broken garage door. It does not matter if your door is
    off its tracks or if the opener simply got jammed.
    We will be able to repair it right away for you.
Garage Door Service in Monroe: (360) 209-1950

Garage Door Service Monroe

New Door Installation

Let us bring your ideal garage door or gate to reality.  Stop by our store and learn more about our large selection of styles and materials for garage doors.

Garage Door Monroe, WA

New Opener Installation

The specialists at Monroe Garage Doors can install the most up-to-date garage door opener for your privacy fence gate.  We have shaft driven, chain driven and belt driven openers and we carry a wide selection of wireless access control and remote systems.

Garage Door Service Monroe

Garage Door Repair Monroe

We provide 24/7 garage door repair services for Monroe and the surrounding areas.  If you have a problem with your garage door, opener, remote, wireless access control, the rails or any other problem, call us for a fast solution.

Monroe Garage Doors

If you want a skilled, timely and fair priced garage door service in the Monroe area, call our specialists at Monroe Garage Doors and obtain a free quote for your new garage doors, installation, service or repairs.  Our technicians are the foremost qualified and can install, repair or service a brand new garage door system in a very short time.  Visit our store and check our website to seek out all the information regarding our garage door materials, models, styles, rail systems, remotes, garage door openers, and our specialized systems for industrial and commercial property.  We understand your needs for price, security, luxury and privacy.  We can make sure that you feel safe and secure from anything with our highly reliable and automated garage doors.  Monroe Garage Doors has the most current automated garage door opener systems, and the simplest security solutions for your garage, with the latest modern materials and designs.  Our company can place the most experienced technicians at your service.

If you would like to vary your door styles, or need to replace your rail system, here at Monroe  Garage Doors we can replace any existing door, repair or supply new remotes, replace frayed cables, repair the springs or place doors back on track.

Monroe Garage Doors provide a full assessment program that goes from the consultations to determination of your specific requirements from periodic maintenance to manufacturing your garage doors.  The trademark of our company, is our goal to satisfy even the most complicated requirements.

Monroe Garage Doors is a manufacturer and has a wide range of durable materials with affordable prices which allows you to make an informed decision according to your financial and property requirements.

We offer a full warranty of our products and services to assure that your completed repair is free of any issue that you previously may have had before the installation of your new doors.  Of course, any problems will be repaired without cost to you.

We provide the best quality materials for garage doors and only work with the most well-known garage door manufacturers in the U.S.  Don’t fret about quality and style.  We have a large selection of wooden doors that give that classic look and the patterns that people want.  If weight and resistance is a problem, our aluminum or steel doors will allow you flexibility and are light enough for efficient small garage door openers.

We also offer doors that are thermal resistant and insulated.  We meet the minimum insulation standards which are recommended for most homes.  Talk with our specialists in garage door installation.  They will inspect your business or residential needs and give you a complete detailed assessment of your insulation and closure requirements, what opener system, materials and installation costs are available for your project and explain our preventive services for you.  When buying your next garage door, make an informed decision and save money.

Garage Door Service in Monroe

Who we are

Monroe Garage Door specialists are well acquainted with all types of garage door technologies.  We have the years of experience needed to make sure the job is completed correctly the very first time.  You don’t have to worry or become numb to the screech and wail or for repairs that need to be done more than once.  It is our community, too.  We want Monroe to be a safer better place to live, play and work.


We use only the latest materials available within today’s market.  We will install beautiful, elegant wooden doors, lighter and more resistant steel doors, aluminum or fiberglass doors for those who require lighter, modern materials.


We are fully knowledgeable about thermal insulation.  Our can guarantee the maximum thermal energy containment within your garage when we fit your doors with insulation materials.


We carry a complete selection of garage door openers from quiet belt driven openers to chain driven openers that provide added strength.  All of our openers are quiet and strong and can lift the heaviest of garage doors.  We are also able to install power supplies so that even when there is a power outage, you will still be able to open the door.

Affordable Service

We make sure you only install what you need and pay the right price.

Reliable Services

We know your time is very important. We will be there on time and solve your problem on the first try.

Professional Services

Our experts are totally qualified for the job.

Clients Testimonials

  • Ruth Nasbruck

    I found Monroe Garage Doors to be very helpful in choosing a style and door opener for my new home.  I never knew there were so many to choose from.  The fast installation and info about how to protect my investment were the best features.  I scheduled regular maintenance and never have to worry

  • Dwight Albright

    Monroe Garage Doors was so fast to respond to my call that it felt like I had just hung up the phone.  A my garage door was off track and only partially closed in a bad storm and to make it worse it was the weekend.  The problem was solved in a short time the same day.

  • Jennifer Jordan

    My old garage door opener stopped working.  I thought it would need replacement.  Monroe Garage Doors technician repaired it in a few minutes.  I am very happy with their service.

Our Basic Services

Monroe Garage Doors provides every possible service you could ask for.  Our technicians maintain the highest standards for quality, service and professional work ethics to assure you that you will not have to contact us twice to get the job done quickly.  Below are our three main types of service.

Garage Door Repair Monroe

Monroe Garage Door Installation

We will install any type or size garage door meeting all specifications and your needs.  Contact us about our systems, materials and styles.  We install garage door openers that will adjust to your requirements and have a large selection of access control systems, such as: photocells and remote controls.

Monroe Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Don’t wait for your garage door to become damaged.  We offer the best by providing scheduled maintenance garage door service to keep your gates and garage doors working perfectly for years to come.  We want to help you save time and money while removing all worry.

Monroe, WA Monroe Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Monroe

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services so you will never wait for long to have your garage door repaired.  We repair broken springs, door that are off track and openers.  We come prepared with tools and even replacement parts in case they are necessary.

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