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Garage Door Broken Springs

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You do not need to struggle and risk pinched fingers to get out of the garage any longer. For all your problems with your residential garage or overhead commercial door springs we at Monroe Garage Door Repair provide a variety of services.  We will quickly fix all your problems and you can have your perfect garage, warehouse or underground parking structure. Monroe Garage Door Repair specializes in broken spring repairs and hence Monroe Garage Door Repair has become the most secure, quality, and well serviced garage door providers.

Whether it is a minor repair or restructuring your entire garage Monroe Garage Door provides the best in class solutions. We provide repairs in broken springs, that lead to bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks. Our specialized technicians provide quality work and you are guaranteed freedom from spring repair or replacement worries.

Torsion Springs

Garage Door Service in Monroe Broken Spring

The torsion springs that allows you to open your gate, and actually lift the whole weight. Torsion springs have a cycle life and normally break when they surpass their limit. Builders often use cheap materials and parts which normally has life of two or three years depending on individual usage.

If you feel feeling your door has problems opening, it looks crooked, it stops when is going up, the springs look separated, or you hear loud bangs when opening the door, you need to replace your springs. It is advisable that you replace both the springs, even if only one is broken, because they have the same cycle life and the other one is expected to break soon too. Monroe Garage Doors Repair helps you install low cycle springs which have a cycle life close to three years. You can also choose to install our high cycle springs that ensure that you will not have to bother for many years of regular use. We suggest you never to go for a company that claim lifelong lasting springs as springs have a cycle life. We advise you never to open a garage door when springs are damaged as this will strain your garage door opener, and can cause it to break. Most important, never try to replace or fix the springs by yourself. It is a very dangerous task that should only be done by certified technicians.

Extension Spring

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Extension Springs are a bit longer and more durable than torsion springs, and are usually installed for smaller garage doors. Damaged extension springs can cause problems that are similar to a broken torsion spring. If you hear them snap while opening the door then it time to replace. They become elongated with time or just break. It is important to have them replaced and calibrated at the same time so both sides open and close at the same time. You need to call our technicians at Monroe Garage Door Repair whenever you think that there is a broken spring. Our technicians specialize in repairing and giving maintenance to your garage doors in the whole Monroe area.

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